Adopt a Week

Churches can adopt an SOS/SOS114 camp week and support camps through prayer and service. Some of the activities involved in adopting a week of camp include: popsicle deliveries, Sunday building cleaning, serving dinner, morning prayer, laundry, lunch for summer staff and helping with the Friday picnics. If you are interesting in adopting a week please contact Drew Haltom. (901-681-9044)

SOS Volunteer Job Descriptions
SOS114 Volunteer Job Descriptions

Come to Camp

SOS offers both mail-in registration and online registration. Online Registration for Fall, Spring, and Summer Camps. Mail in forms for Fall, Spring, and Summer Camps.

If you wish to register online, you must pay the deposit using a credit card. Groups will be guaranteed space on a first come, first served basis when their payment arrives (paying online will guarantee your space more quickly than paying by mail).